arTNS brings art closer to you!

October 15th 2019

We love art in any form and that’s why we transformed the TNS reception into the arTNS art gallery. arTNS aims to become the cultural movement of our Timpuri Noi Square community.

Today, 15th October, we inaugurate the arTNS Gallery! In the TNO1 and TNO2 receptions you can see exposed the pieces of art of our first three artists. The first edition will bring 2 exhibitions of painting and one of photography.

Sharing is caring 🙂 So, if you wanna help the artists with a share on Social Media, we kindly advise you to use the #artns and #tns hashtags. See you there!


P.s: if you are an artist and you want to see you art exposed, please write an email to: