BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace awarded at REmarkable Awards

November 17th 2023

We are happy to announce that the BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace in Timpuri Noi Square has been honored with the title for “Best Horeca & Retail Project of the Year” at the first edition of the REmarkable Awards. . The ceremony took place at the prestigious CEC Palace on 14 November. So, we had the perfect opportunity to celebrate excellence and innovation in the real estate industry. This award is not only a recognition of our location, but as well as a confirmation of our commitment to creating a distinctive and authentic environment within our office project. With modern design and attention to detail, the BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace offers an outstanding dining experience. What’s more, the location represents a space that redefines the standards in hospitality and retail.

Vastint Romania and Fratelli Grup collaboration


The BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace, located in the project’s square, symbolizes a dynamic partnership between Vastint Romania and Fratelli Grup. Launched in 2017, with the completion of the first development phase of the Timpuri Noi Square project, this collaboration has proven to be the beginning of a remarkable gastronomic and social experience. Also, by uniting Vastint’s expertise in developing high-quality real estate projects with Fratelli Grup’s distinctive hospitality creativity, the BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace has become an iconic place in the heart of the city.

“The high quality of services offered in the locations managed by Fratelli Grup and the excellent reputation of this brand were very important for us when we laid the foundations of this collaboration, while for them, our project met both architecturally and conceptually all the requirements needed to make the decision to open a new location in Timpuri Noi Square.”- Sorin Macoveiu , Commercial Director at Vastint Romania.

Design for BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace


The captivating design of the location was created by the team of architects from Twins Studio. They designed Carnivale Food Market, another successful Horeca project in Timpuri Noi Square, belonging to Fratelli Grup. The collaboration brought to the forefront an aesthetically pleasing space and architectural harmony. This reflects the unmistakable expertise and creativity of the Twins Studio team.

“Best Horeca & Retail Project of the Year”

We are truly proud to celebrate the outstanding distinction achieved by BIUTIFUL Downtown Terrace at the first REmarkable Awards. The award is recognition of our collective efforts. It is also a confirmation of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the Timpuri Noi Square project. Thank you to the entire team involved and to our community who made this extraordinary achievement possible!