Carnivale Christmas Market brings the holiday spirit closer to you

December 12th 2022

Carnivale Food Market, converted into Carnivale Christmas Market, brings the festive spirit closer to the Timpuri Noi Square project community members. Here we have dedicated products, especially created for our tenant’s employees. Therefore, with the occasion of the holidays, Timpuri Noi Square is preshaped with a Christmas theme. Also, we organize a variety of additional unique activities.

So, the whole restaurant area is, from 5th to 23rd December 2022, converted into Carnivale Christmas Market and awaits you with a lot of seasonal products. All the delicacies you can order during this period will be special for you! From the traditional sector, at Kari you’ll be able to find meat rolls in vine leaves and polenta. While at Nicolai you can enjoy baked bean and stewed cabbage with sausages, for both of which there is also a vegetarion option. Other special dishes you’ll find at Camionetta, which serves homemade panettone and garlic cream soup. At Gattini, you can order spaghetti meatballs.

Carnivale Christmas Market brings the holiday spirit closer to you! But the surprises don’t just limit themselves to the culinary sector. We’ll have plenty of themed activities designed to bring this mixed-use complex closer to your concept of home.

Thus, on 5th-6th and 19th-23rd December, we’ll have a special gift-wrapping stand. It is located in the TN01 reception. Moreover, all members of the Timpuri Noi Square community can wrap up to 3 gifts per person. If you have already started shopping for your loved ones, we are waiting for you between 12:00-17:00 at the wrapping stand.

Timpuri Noi Square and Carnivale Christmas Market are celebrating Christmas with you!

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