November 15th 2021

Biutiful Downtown New Brunch Menu

Hey, We are coming back to you with tasty news: There is a new BRUNCH in town @Biutiful Downtown open in Splaiul Unirii 165! Starting with 7th of November 2021, every Saturday & Sunday, from 12.00 to 17.00, you can enjoy, in a Biutiful atmosphere, an exquisite food selection like Ramen Soup with Pork and […]

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October 26th 2021

Important notice

Dear Timpuri Noi Square Community, We inform you that, taking into account the provisions of the 3rd Annex of the Government Decision no. 1.090 / 2021 (as amended by Government Decision no. 1.130 / 2021), starting with 27th October, the access of all persons, except employees, inside the buildings of the Timpuri Noi Square project […]

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September 30th 2021

Important notice

Dear tenants, Due to the highly anticipated expansion of our project, as part of the preparatory work that needs to be done in this regard, we are closing the access from Ion Minulescu Street, starting with 11.10.2021 until the opening of our second development phase. Thus, we request your full support through the usage of […]

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July 6th 2021

Multimodal sports field reservation App

While summer has arrived a little bit late this year, Timpuri Noi Square has great news to share! As part of the TNS Community, you can now start using the multimodal outdoor field and you can book in advance the most convenient slots for you and your team, through a modern and easy-to-use web application […]

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May 24th 2021

Have a break from home

When was the last time you took a break and went climbing with your friends? Or roller skating? Or even went for a run in the neighborhood? We invite you to “have a break from home”, call your favourite people, and do more of what you enjoy doing! We all imagined that working from home […]

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April 26th 2021

We need you to make waves of good!

This year, the Help Autism Association is enrolled in the ninth edition of the traditional Swimathon event, with the Help Home project – a space to practice for a future home, where adolescents and young people with autism gradually learn, through long rehearsal, life skills independence. Help Home is one of the few solutions created […]

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April 8th 2021

A new terrace for Timpuri Noi Square

Have you heard the news? We will have a new terrace for Timpuri Noi Square. The most instagramable corner, is about to open. Your next favorite place for morning coffee. The place where you’ll take your colleagues for lunch, and your friends for dinner. The futuristic design of the trees will be 6 meters high, […]

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April 7th 2021

A necessary gift

2nd April – International Autism Awareness Day 30,000 people with autism face this diagnosis in Romania. The “A necessary gift” campaign, is the way in which over 100 organizations in the field of autism, invite Romanians to make so necessary good gifts. Attention, understanding, support and acceptance are the most precious gifts. Let’s offer them […]

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December 22nd 2020

Happy Holidays to you, our community member!

We’ve been through a rough year and we all crave “the good old days” when we could’ve gathered with our loved ones without any boundary. Those times will return and for sure we will be better at nurturing the bonds with our family, friends and co-workers. Nevertheless, the most wonderful time of the year is […]

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October 20th 2020

Alternative transportation

The future is green! With multiple alternative means of transportation that have arisen, our parking has adapted in order to be prepared for the new wave of technology that is coming. Since the end of September, you are able to charge your car, while you being in the office! All charging points are in the […]

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June 24th 2020

The Planet Thanks You!

Our main preoccupation after the well-being of all our tenants is certainly the surrounding environment and all the measures that we can take in order to preserve the nature as much as we can, that’s why we’ve implemented flow reducers in order to save as much water as possible. It’s safe to say that every […]

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June 12th 2020

Safe Guard Certification by Bureau Veritas

Timpuri Noi Square becomes the first office project to receive Safe Guard by Bureau Veritas certification Timpuri Noi Square obtained the Safe Guard certification, following the audit of Bureau Veritas which certifies the safety of the sanitary measures implemented during this period, supporting the tenants in the process of returning to the office, in a […]

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October 15th 2019

arTNS brings art closer to you!

We love art in any form and that’s why we transformed the TNS reception into the arTNS art gallery. arTNS aims to become the cultural movement of our Timpuri Noi Square community. Today, 15th October, we inaugurate the arTNS Gallery! In the TNO1 and TNO2 receptions you can see exposed the pieces of art of […]

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August 20th 2019

Timpuri Noi Square is preparing for further development after receiving new tenants

Timpuri Noi Square, Vastint Romania’s first project, reaches an occupancy rate of 90% within the 3 buildings situated in Bucharest, leasing more than 47.000 m², and welcomes since last year tenants like Bolt (formerly Taxify), Allergan, Exiger, Playtika and Streamwide, developing a community of more that 3.000 employees. Having the premises of a mixed project […]

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May 24th 2018

Timpuri Noi Square reached an occupancy rate of more than 90%

The first two buildings of Timpuri Noi Square in Bucharest recently welcomed two new tenants, which increased the occupancy rate to over 90%. With the signing of these new contracts, Vastint Romania leased out approximately 33,000 m² of office space in one single project. An area comparable to the total rented area in the office […]

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April 4th 2018

Vastint leases 1,700 m² at Timpuri Noi Square to Zitec

Vastint Romania has leased 1,700 m² of office space to Zitec, in the mixed-use development project at Timpuri Noi Square in Bucharest. Leading IT market in Romania, with offices in Bucharest and Brașov, Zitec specializes in the development of custom business solutions, customized services and products, as well as digital marketing services. Zitec’s mission is […]

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March 28th 2018

Timpuri Noi Square awarded the highest LEED certification

Vastint Romania was awarded LEED Platinum certification for the first two office buildings of Timpuri Noi Square. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, available for virtually all building, community and home project types, providing a framework to create healthy, highly efficient […]

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October 30th 2017

Vastint Romania celebrated the opening of Timpuri Noi Square

The Timpuri Noi Square opening event, hosted by Vastint Romania, took place Thursday, October 26th and gathered some of the most distinguished city representatives, architects, contractors, consultants and tenants. Fratelli Group, one of the very first tenants of the buildings, assisted in planning and organizing the event. The opening event took place in the 1,800 […]

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August 8th 2017

Vastint leases 1,300 m² at Timpuri Noi Square to Tremend Software Consulting

Vastint Romania has leased 1,300 m² of office space to Tremend Software Consulting, the fastest growing technology company in Romania, in the mixed-use development project at Timpuri Noi Square in Bucharest. Tremend has decided to relocate to Timpuri Noi Square after several years of significant growth. Between 2012 and 2016, Tremend posted a 399% increase […]

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July 25th 2017

Vastint leases another 1,900 m² in Timpuri Noi Square

Vastint Romania leased 1,000 m² of office space to Netcentric Eastern Europe and 900 m² to Phoenix Contact in the mixed-use development project Timpuri Noi Square from Bucharest. Netcentric is a fast growing internet system integrator with activities in building and implementing web applications and digital platforms for large enterprises. It is a dynamic company […]

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July 11th 2017

Timpuri Noi Square – construction of the third office building commenced

Vastint Romania is closer to reach the planed 100,000 m² lettable area in the city center. Bog’Art was appointed as the general contractor for the third building with a total surface of 20,000 m² lettable area of modern, class A office and retail area. Located in the city center, along Splaiul Unirii, just across the […]

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April 24th 2017

Vastint leases 4,000 m² in Timpuri Noi Square to KRUK Romania

Vastint Romania and KRUK Romania have concluded a lease for 4,000 m² of office space in the Timpuri Noi Square mixed use office park, in Bucharest. KRUK Romania leased these 4,000 m² as a new location for its Bucharest Head Office. Besides Bucharest, more than 600 employees work in the Operational Center in Targoviste and […]

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April 19th 2017

Vastint leases 3,350 m² in Timpuri Noi Square

Vastint Romania has concluded leases with dcs plus and Impact Hub Bucharest for a total of 3,350 m² of office space in the mixed-use development project Timpuri Noi Square in Bucharest. dcs plus – a global leading IT solutions provider for the travel and tourism industry – leased 1,675 m². Mihai Paduroiu, Head of Advisory […]

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April 3rd 2017

Fratelli Group opens four new locations in Timpuri Noi Square

Vastint Romania together with Fratelli Group have become partners in the beautiful initiative to transform the central area of Timpuri Noi into a self-sufficient destination. It is a complex investment that involves the opening of four Fratelli signature concepts, including Biutiful Downtown and Fratellini Bistro, all within the retail component of Timpuri Noi Square mixed-use […]

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February 16th 2016

Vastint projects achieve LEED Platinum and BREEAM Excellent pre-certification

Vastint Romania was awarded LEED Platinum pre-certification, design stage, for each of the three buildings comprised in Business Garden Bucharest and BREEAM Excellent design stage certificate for the first two office blocks of Timpuri Noi Square. Both projects benefit from prime location, public transport and varied amenities. In addition to efficient floor layouts and high […]

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November 3rd 2015

Vastint lays cornerstone of Timpuri Noi Square

VASTINT laid the first cornerstone of the Timpuri Noi Square mixed-use project, designed to become a new landmark with a distinct identity in the Bucharest city center scenery – an interactive, dynamic destination providing sustainable working, leisure and living functions. Up to 100,000 m2 of office and retail space is planned for Timpuri Noi Square, […]

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