Earth Hour in Timpuri Noi Square

April 10th 2023

Earth Hour in Timpuri Noi Square was an extended 72-hour action. This marked a considerable energy saving.

The first Earth Hour event took place in Sydney (Australia) on 21 March 2007 between 19.30 and 20.30 and was initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature and is now taking place in over 190 countries. The first event was attended by 2.2 million people. Switching off the lights for an hour reduced energy consumption in Sydney by between 2.1% and 10.2% in that first recorded hour of the annual series of events.

At the same time, it is part of our company’s identity to take constant steps towards preserving the planet’s natural resources. So we amplified the event with 72 hours of reduced electricity consumption.

Thus, over the course of 3 full days – between Friday 24 March at 20:30PM and Monday 27 March at 20:30PM – the Vastint office buildings operated extensively in the Earth Hour movement by:

– reducing the intensity of the lights, and therefore the electricity consumption in each of our building receptions; 

– completely turning off the video screens in the lobbies on the ground floor of each Timpuri Noi Square building; 

– the lighting of the Vastint and Timpuri Noi Square logos on the project buildings has been turned off. 


During the Earth Hour action in Timpuri Noi Square, impressive results were achieved.

A total of 1975 kWh of electricity was saved over 72 hours. To understand this better, we can make some useful statistics 

– The amount of energy would have been enough for the annual electricity consumption of one household in Romania.  

– This would be needed to charge 40 electric cars 

– We can also compare the energy saved with the annual production of 4 solar panels.


In addition, by reducing consumption over this period by 4%, the Timpuri Noi Square community has demonstrated its commitment to the environment and to sustainability. Choose the place where your employees will enjoy all the facilities needed for a prosperous and friendly environment!