Important notice

September 30th 2021

Dear tenants,

Due to the highly anticipated expansion of our project, as part of the preparatory work that needs to be done in this regard, we are closing the access from Ion Minulescu Street, starting with 11.10.2021 until the opening of our second development phase. Thus, we request your full support through the usage of the alternative entrances from Splaiul Unirii, and in the near future the entrance from Morilor Street, which is currently work in progress.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

Alternative entrances/exits that you can use, are also pointed out on the map below:

1. Entrance & exit – street level;
2. Entrance & exit – street level;
     2.1 Entrance & exit – S1 parking level;
3. Only exit – S0 parking level.

Timpuri Noi Square team,