Multimodal sports field reservation App

July 6th 2021

While summer has arrived a little bit late this year, Timpuri Noi Square has great news to share!

As part of the TNS Community, you can now start using the multimodal outdoor field and you can book in advance the most convenient slots for you and your team, through a modern and easy-to-use web application specially created to facilitate the usage of the field.

Obviously there are some rules to follow, but for sure you’ll have a great time with your team before or after work, or even during lunch break.

For your comfort, you can use showers and locker rooms located in each building, though your control access badge.




Before using the application you should know the following aspects (for even more information we have even prepared an application manual for you, which you can download in pdf format, after you have logged in to the application, more precisely in the terms and conditions section)

• The multimodal field is positioned in the vicinity of the TN03 building from Timpuri Noi Square.

• The multimodal field is designed for the following sports: football, volleyball, tennis, foot tennis and basketball.

• First of all, in order to be able to use the multimodal field, a reservation is required in advance;

• To make reservations you must use the application, where it is necessary to create an account (at least one of the people in your group);

• In order to create an account you need the email address of the company you work for (only companies from Timpuri Noi Square);

• The time interval in which you can reserve the field is from 8 AM to latest 8 PM (every day, including weekends, except holidays);

• 1 user is not allowed to book more than 2 slots of 2 hours each, per day. 10 Reservations per month, 6 reservations per week.

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