My Motric Gym and healthy lifestyle begins

January 18th 2023

My Motric Gym is the place where healthy living begins to take shape.

Statistics from Romania show that people could improve their lifestyle when it comes to sport. Only one in ten Romanians does sport on a regular basis. What should be understood, in fact, is that practising sport has numerous health benefits. These are both physical and mental. As well as helping to lose weight and keep fit. Sport can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. It can also help improve general health, sleep, mood and concentration. It can help improve general health, sleep, mood and concentration. Gym  is beneficial for personal development by encouraging discipline, perseverance and the ability to work as a team. And also, it can be an enjoyable way to spend your leisure time, but also a way to make new friends and socialise. 

Certainly we, at Vastint Romania, focus on healthy living in a sustainable working environment. When you consider an office complex, you envision the benefits it brings to your team and how it can increase the productivity of your business. That’s why our projects are designed entirely for our community members. 

Therefore, our Timpuri Noi Square multifunctional complex takes care to provide you with all the facilities you need to reach the peak performance of your employees. We invite you to discover My Motric Gym, our project’s gym located on the ground floor of the TN03 building.

My Motric gym uses innovative, special equipment, to create personalised plans. Here you can participate in simple workouts, fitness classes, recovery programs or various group sessions that will motivate you to work out for yourself and your body. What’s more, all the equipment in the gym is Milon. This is equipment that has been on the market for over 45 years and is constantly being developed. Today, it is one of the most effective machines for medical recovery and works 100% digitally, through high-tech technologies.

We are confident that each of our community members who choose to take advantage of this facility need an individual training plan. That’s why My Motric comes to your aid with special tracking equipment. It helps you to know your body’s needs and adjust your nutrition and exercise according to your physical analysis. The process takes place with the help of a digital wristband. Afterwards, the Milonizer device is an integrated part of the tracking and will give you a detailed examination at regular intervals. Additionally, in My Motric Gym also a body analyser is the InBody 770. The machine features a maximum precision system. It can determine visceral fat, total fat mass, intra- and extracellular fluid, total fluid, oedema, segmental oedema, skeletal muscle mass, left/right balance. 

However, one of the highlights of the My Motric gym, is actually the idea of smart training. With professional trainers and physiotherapy specialists, they can streamline your sessions. So you may not want to spend a lot of time at the gym. With their help you can work the most important muscle groups in just 35 minutes. 

Now your subscription and your access to the gym are digitised. You can book your place in a My Motric fitness class on your way to the office. Also, you can spend your lunch break or a few moments after work focusing on your health. Moreover, we know that always when you think about going to the gym in a city as big as Bucharest parking can be an extra concern. The Timpuri Noi Square project together with My Motric Gym makes it convenient for you to access the gym so you can train without any issues. If you choose to use your own car when you come to work out, you benefit from private parking spaces. These are away from the busy city traffic, exclusively designed for community members. 

Timpuri Noi Square provides you with this valuable amenity. Time to choose My Motric! It’s time to choose a better lifestyle!