Biutiful Pavilion hosted Portobello Stradale 20 

October 18th 2022

Biutiful Pavilion hosted Portobello Stradale 20 this October. The event took place on the 13th of the month, starting at 7pm and was held at the Biutiful Downtown Pavilion. The beautifully designed terrace is part of the Vastint Romania project, Timpuri Noi Square.

Since June 2010, Portobello Stradale has been the event that animates the daily life of the citizens of Bucharest. Moreover, it represents a manifesto for street art that brings together personalities from all fields. From photographers, to public figures, fashion designers, music, theatre and all that means art, they all gathered at the Biutiful Pavilion for the second time this year.

The extravagant terrace was brought to life by LEMON & AFGO to the beats of new age music. The atmosphere was maintained by the experienced bartenders of the Biutiful Pavilion Downtown. Thus they delighted with exquisite drinks and atypical cocktails.

Entry to the event was exclusive and by wristband only. The Biutiful Pavilion Terrace took care of everything to make this edition of the festival unforgettable.

Everything was amazing at Portobello Stradale 20, and a lot of that was due to the Biutiful Pavilion location!