Take a coffee break. Take the lunch break. But definitely, take a break from playing! These weeks we are in: Timpuri Noi Square; After all, we have lots of fun games to be scattered around the ground floor. And if that is enough … Fill out the form for 2 free 7card programs, so you have access to dance, yoga, rock climbing, fitness and aerobics and what you like to relax and say sports! In 650+ 7card partner center from all over the country!


February 10-14th 2020 (TNO1, TNO2)

February 17-21th 2020 (TNO3);

Don’t forget the Friday Pedal Championship in the hall – with electric cars! And awards!

1st place: 1 year of 7card Free

2nd place: 6 months of 7card Free

3rd place: 3 months of 7card Free