Realty Forum 2023: Antoniu Panait's outlook

July 24th 2023

On 20 July, at Crowne Plaza Bucharest, the Business Review team organized an important event in the Romanian real estate industry. Realty Forum 2023, where, under the motto “The Voice of Romanian Real Estate”, key leaders in the field gathered to discuss the latest market trends and opportunities. One of the event’s prominent participants was Antoniu Panait, CEO of Vastint Romania. He brought his strong voice and extensive experience to contribute to the public debate at the forum.

The two panels of the event


Thus, in Realty Forum 2023, the discussions were structured in two exciting panels. These brought together industry professionals to explore the current trends shaping the Romanian property markets.

The first panel brought together real estate leaders, focusing on office and residential developments in the country. They took a close look at and debated the emerging opportunities that may influence these key sectors.

The second panel focused on Romania’s fast and constantly evolving industrial and logistics fields. Participants explored and discussed the latest trends and opportunities that are reshaping these growing markets.

Furthermore, Antoniu Panait, Managing Director of Vastint Romania, was one of the guests at the first discussion. His presence on the panel brought a valuable perspective, contributing to the exchange of ideas with his expertise in market development.

The Realty Forum 2023 Debate


As an expert in the field, Antoniu Panait provided a comprehensive perspective on the Romanian real estate sector. In addition, he analysed current and future trends, identifying the key directions in which the industry is heading in the current economic and social context.

One of the key issues presented was related to the criteria that motivate tenants to opt for certain office spaces. These can range from the specific functional needs of companies to the facilities and infrastructure offered by the office buildings. By pointing out these key factors, Antoniu provided a better understanding of the decisions companies make when selecting office space. Especially, how real estate developers can best respond to these requirements.

The importance of sustainability in Real Estate


Therefore, another topic addressed at Realty Forum 2023 was related to the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Moreover, he talked about sustainability in office building development. In an age where environmental concerns and social responsibility are becoming increasingly relevant, he stressed the importance of building and managing sustainable buildings. Such properties are increasingly popular with tenants and investors. Concern for ESG aspects is becoming a major factor in decision-making in the real estate industry.

“In the tenant decision process, the ESG aspect is already very important. The part of green buildings that are not only energy efficient or efficient, but also environmentally friendly.”


In conclusion, Antoniu Panait’s presence at Realty Forum 2023 made a significant contribution to the event. Understanding and debating the key aspects of the Romanian real estate sector is a topic of general interest. Therefore, with his experience and knowledge in office development and obvious concern for sustainability and ESG, he brought a valuable perspective in steering the industry towards a more sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible future.


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