Saint Nicholas in Timpuri Noi Square

November 29th 2023

This year, Timpuri Noi Square becomes the scene of a magical Saint Nicholas charity campaign. We hope that this initiative will bring a ray of light into the lives of the little ones and help strengthen community bonds in the spirit of the winter holidays.

United Way, Colliers and Vastint Romania bring the magic to Timpuri Noi Square


The action for Saint Nicholas in Timpuri Noi Square comes as a result of a collaboration between three entities equally dedicated to community development: United Way, Colliers and Vastint Romania. United Way is the world’s largest non-profit organization and annually improves the lives of 48 million people. Their mission is clear – to create lasting change in vulnerable communities. They have extensive experience in identifying, managing and implementing charitable projects. So they, backed by their other two companies, leaders in the real estate industry, have planned a noble initiative for children in need.
Through their partnership, the three businesses are joining forces to bring joy and hope into the lives of those in difficulty this festive season. The common goal is to create a lasting positive impact and strengthen human connections, highlighting the power of change through selflessness and solidarity.


Saint Nicholas Boots: How do we donate?


Timpuri Noi Square becomes the place where generosity and magic meet. From 28th of November to 5th of December, no fewer than 20 booties will be placed around the tree, waiting patiently for gestures of kindness from the office project tenants and their employees. In this way, you have the opportunity to donate sweets or small gifts, bringing joy to the hearts of children in need.
We warmly encourage you to open your hearts and actively participate in this charity campaign. Every small gesture of goodness counts and can make a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Thus, you become artisans of happiness and help create beautiful memories for the little ones.

Charitable efforts Vastint Romania


The St. Nicholas campaign at Timpuri Noi Square is not just a seasonal initiative; it is also a starting point for Vastint Romania’s future charitable efforts and for building a stronger, more united community.
In this spirit, our project becomes a place where the magic of the holidays is combined with generosity and collective solidarity. Through the initiative, both we, and United Way and Colliers contribute towards creating a better environment for all people regardless of their condition.