Santa Claus - We bring smiles to children!

December 5th 2023

In the spirit of December generosity, we’re initiating another charitable movement, part of the #DecemberOfGiving action. In the previous weeks, we have witnessed the warm beginnings of the Saint Nicholas and Blood Donation campaigns, and now, we are preparing to bring smiles and joy to the hearts of children on Christmas. Discover how Timpuri Noi Square becomes a centre of solidarity this festive season, embracing the magic of the holidays.

Charity campaign organized by Vastint Romania and the “Tree of Good Deeds” Association


This unique collaboration between Vastint Romania and the “Tree with Good Deeds” association results in a common mission to bring happiness into the lives of those in need and to make the holidays a genuine occasion for giving and altruism.
Vastint Romania, as the initiator of this campaign, brings to the forefront its commitment to the community and the desire to make a positive change in the lives of those in need by understanding the most vulnerable ones. The Tree of Good Deeds Association complements the efforts with its experience and dedication to supporting disadvantaged people. The association’s mission is simple but profound: to bring joy and hope into the lives of those who truly need it. With a particular focus on marginalized communities and those in precarious financial situations, The Good Deeds Tree is actively involved in providing essential resources and creating a network of support.

santa claus gif

Santa Claus for dozens of children


The charitable action will take place between 4 and 15 December and is dedicated to bringing smiles to the faces of around 60 children in Romania, to whom we want to give a reason for cheer and hope. For many of them, Santa Claus can seem like a character out of a fairy tale, and the winter season can be lacking in magic and warmth. Through the initiative, we aim to change this perspective and show every child that the spirit of Christmas is real and that the holiday spirit can truly be experienced.
We invite you to take part in our action and become Santa Claus for a disadvantaged little one. Choose a person from our list and you can give them gifts such as clothes, shoes and sweets.

Thus, at Timpuri Noi Square, the Christmas campaign is not just a traditional holiday event, but becomes an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those who require support and understanding. Through the collaboration between Vastint Romania and the “Tree of Good Deeds” Association, we hope to turn this festive season into a chapter full of light and compassion for those who need it most.