Timpuri Noi Square on Social Media

September 20th 2022

Timpuri Noi Square is waiting for you to become friends on Social Media! We all know that we live in a society that is guided more or less by everything social media bringd. These platforms help us keep in touch with friends, colleagues, employees and family. The online environment brings us together regardless of physical distances.

It get us closer together as a global society. Thus, Timpuri Noi Square aims to unite a community of like-minded values and principles in cyberspace through social media networks. An environment where the facilities and services that companies can benefit from because they are part of this project can be promoted and communicated.

Visit the Timpuri Noi Square pages on Social Media and find out everything you need to know about our brand. You’ll be part of a virtual group with a global connection and stay on trend with all the news in the domain we operate in.

Through Social Media, Timpuri Noi Square wants to reach current and potential clients, to promote the events that are taking place within the project and the new concepts implemented.

Also, the main objective is to build a vision of our project that we can share with the general public, and to familiarize those who do not know our project with its atmosphere and facilities. Surely, it is only through this that we will be able to create a wide market opening.

Connect with Timpuri Noi Square on Social Media and stay up to date with all the news!