A necessary gift

April 7th 2021

2nd April – International Autism Awareness Day

30,000 people with autism face this diagnosis in Romania. The “A necessary gift” campaign, is the way in which over 100 organizations in the field of autism, invite Romanians to make so necessary good gifts.

Attention, understanding, support and acceptance are the most precious gifts. Let’s offer them together to neurodiverse people!

This “gift” can be a donation or a message of support made for a child you know, for the local organization or for national structures, it can be an individual gesture or from the company you represent.

On the night of 2nd April, 15 buildings in Bucharest, including Timpuri Noi Square, were lighten up in blue, as a gesture of attention within the initiative “Blue night of autism”

More details about “A necessary gift” campaign