We Have The Same Blood | #DecemberOfGiving

December 4th 2023

The umbrella of our charitable and social campaigns is #DecemberOfGiving . One of the most important actions is “WE HAVE THE SAME BLOOD”, initiated by Digi24 and powered by Vastint Romania, in partnership with DigiFM and ProFM. This remarkable collaboration not only makes a vital contribution to the medical system, but also underlines the commitment of both entities to the community.

It’s a story of solidarity and change, bringing hope and support where it matters most.

Where and when do we donate?


As part of this initiative, the blood donation event will take place on 15th December from 8:00 – 15:00. The location is Calea Plevnei 159, Bucharest, at the Business Garden Bucharest, in Building A, 6th floor.

Thus, we call on our community and beyond to join and be part of this joint effort to make a meaningful change. It is an open invitation to all who are willing to give a priceless gift – a chance at life through the simple act of donating blood.

Donor Guide – We have the same blood


To check if you are eligible to participate in Vastint Romania’s “We have the same blood” we invite you to visit the Donor Guide.

However, the main eligibility conditions for donating blood are:

• People who have reached the age of 18 and the maximum age of 60.
• The minimum weight required for participation is 50 kilograms.
• It is mandatory that donors do not have chronic diseases or are under medical treatment.
• Donors must not have had any surgery in the last 6 months.
• People who have not had tattoos in the last 6 months are eligible to donate blood.

Choosing to become a blood donor not only makes a positive change in the lives of those who receive this vital donation, but also in your life, giving you a number of both legal and medical benefits.

Legal Benefits:


• You receive a card worth 67 lei.
• Beneficiezi de analize gratuite, asigurându-ți o perspectivă detaliată asupra stării tale de sănătate.
• Discounts on public transport, recognition of your noble gesture in the community.
• Day off at work, giving you the time you need to make this important contribution.

Medical Benefits:


• With one donation, you save no less than 3 lives.
• 450 ml of blood is collected, an amount that can make a significant difference in the treatment of patients.
• It lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, helping to keep your heart healthy.
• Improves overall health, as donating blood can stimulate the production of new cells in the body.
• You benefit from regular medical check-ups, helping to monitor your long-term health.

By choosing to become a donor, you are not only making a selfless gesture, but also enjoying these significant benefits for yourself. It’s an opportunity to make positive changes both in your own life and in the lives of those who need your support.

#DecemberOfGiving: ”We have the same blood”


As we approach the holiday season, we realize that the need for blood is greater than ever. During this season of generosity, we warmly invite everyone to join this blood donation initiative. Even though the holidays traditionally bring a decrease in blood donations, we believe we can overcome this trend together. Our goal is to raise 250 donors, and your involvement can make a crucial difference.

We’re offering you an easy way to be part of this vital mission – visit our sign-up app and be part of our selfless movement. Become the hero who brings joy and hope to the hearts of those in need!

We give blood! We’re giving a chance at life because December is about giving and because WE HAVE THE SAME BLOOD.

More details HERE.