The Planet Thanks You!

June 24th 2020

Our main preoccupation after the well-being of all our tenants is certainly the surrounding environment and all the measures that we can take in order to preserve the nature as much as we can, that’s why we’ve implemented flow reducers in order to save as much water as possible. It’s safe to say that every ounce of water makes the difference, that can be observed also in the statistics made after the implementation.


Sinks – 68.33% reduction

Toilet bowl – 50% / 33% reduction

Urinal – 50% reduction

Locker room showers – 36.88% reduction

Surely, this is just an additional measure taken by our team, the entire Timpuri Noi Square project benefits of the technology to reduce water consumption, through rainwater collection and management systems. We believe that each of these measures are just a step further to making a better world for our future selves.