Project amenities can make the difference between a happy, productive employees and a tired, unsatisfied one.

Timpuri Noi Square benefits of several amazing ones like: 100% fresh air supply, healthy air conditioning and ventilation system, energy-saving electrical equipment and LED lighting, water use reduction technology with rainwater capture and management system, excellent natural light provision and outdoor recreation areas, that create a safe working environment!

A great atmosphere inside the office combined with a healthy indoor and outdoor environment can attract more employees, and help retain top talents.

LPR & access control


This feature can make life easier for our tenants, save money and keep our buildings secure.

The existing License Plate Recognition is linked to the main Security Room of each building.

During the business hours the visitors will report to the reception desk. It is also a good method to avoid congestion in the parking lot.

Priority parking & electric chargers


We strongly encourage everyone to use bikes, thus provide all the complementary services to continue their daily routine even in the office, by using the locker rooms, showers and bike racks.


As part of this project amenities, we provide parking spaces with chargers for electric or hybrid cars, the tenants can charge in a more convenient way, while being into the office.

Cyclists facilities parking, showers and lockers


Our Timpuri Noi Square project is designed with a particular accent on cyclist facilities solutions.


We strongly encourage our tenants to use their bikes, thus we also provide them with all the complementary services to continue their daily routine even in the office, by using the locker rooms, showers and bike racks.

Generous Garden for recreational activities


A a generous garden is surrounding the buildings – lawns, pedestrian paths with benches and free Wi-Fi, all invite you to take a refreshing break outside.


Just have a break, enjoy your favourite playlist outdoor beside your beloved coffee or during a short walk or mayb visit one of our events.

Outdoor sports facilities


In Timpuri Noi Square, our tenants benefit from some very cool Outdoor Sports activities.


Basketball, football, table tennis, tennis, handball, volleyball, foot tennis. All these activities are possible due to the multimodal sports field, part of the project amenities offered in the complex.


Openable windows


Part of Vastint Romania’s technical standards is the usage of openable windows on all sides of the façade, to ensure the tenant’s benefiting from the highest air quality.


More than that, we also use automatic and manual decompression windows on all sides of the façade.

UV treated facade


Treated facades can lead to more energy-efficient buildings that achieve solar shading and passive cooling.


With optimal finishing insulation, our tenants can carry out their activity in good conditions, both summer and winter.


Rainwater harvesting system for water use reduction

Our main interest, after the comfort of all our tenants, is take in order to protect the nature.


That’s why we’ve implemented flow reducers in every toillet and locker room in order to save as much water as possible.

Building Management System for a better control


The ventilation system has been designed to provide a welcoming, healthy indoor environment.


Temperature and brightness are controlled by a dimmable control panel, present in each room.

Waste management

Bucharest city rapidly expanding, creating visible environmental changes.


One simple solution to Reduce Waste is to using only special waste bins for recycling to separate the metal, plastic, paper and organic matter.

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